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Kippy has many friends who have been coming to Harbour Island for many years. When they come they look forward to seeing and spending time with him. Besides owning the most updated fleet of Golf Carts Kippy will help you with any of your needs such as Fishing-Sightseeing-Personal Tour Guide of all the local Islands plus Day Boat Rentals for sightseeing.

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About Harbour Island in the Bahamas is quietly becoming the crown jewel of the Caribbean. A small island a few miles off of Eleuthera may only be 3 ½ miles long by a half mile wide (at its widest) with fewer than 2,000 residents, but it is jammed packed full of beautiful beaches, pastel painted cottages with picket fences, quaint boutique hotels and restaurants that rival the best found in other culinary hot spots such as St. Barts and Anguilla.

Like many other best islands to visit in the Caribbean, this one is hard to get to. Most people who travel on commercial flights fly in to North Eleuthera’s airport via Miami, Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale, while others opt for Nassau followed by a short flight or a Fast Ferry. There are also charter services, such as Air Flight Charters, a reliable service that operates out of Ft. Lauderdale (you can book individual seats if a charter is already scheduled or book an entire plane, depending on the size of your party). If you fly into North Eleuthera, you will then go by taxi for the short ride to the dock ($5 per person) and then you will hop on a motor boat for the short trip to Harbour Island (also $5 per person). Upon arriving at Harbour Island there are several taxis that will be waiting to take you to your hotel (also for $5 per person).

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Harbour Island is a tropical oasis with miles and miles of seemingly endless pink sand beaches. Most people rent golf carts to get around the island, and there are several companies that rent them including Kiplin Rentals 1-242-470-2400 www.kiplinrentals.com

It is possible to rent golf carts that offer 4 or 6 seats and you can arrange for the cart to be waiting at your hotel or at the dock when you arrive by boat (if you know the way to your hotel).

Most of the boutique hotels have reserved spots on a beach for their patrons and offer chaise lounges and umbrellas. There are also spots where it is possible to rent a chaise lounge and umbrella by the day. The sea is warm—even on a recent cool day in early January, the water temperature was

The top boutique hotels on the island are Valentines Marina and Resort 242-333-2142 . There are others worth checking out, including the Pink Sand Resort (25 guest cottages), Coral Sands Hotel and The Rock House (10 rooms).

Valentines Marina 242-333-2142

The island’s famous pink sand beaches are among the best found anywhere in the Caribbean. The beaches are expansive and there are always plenty of chaise lounges to go around, unlike other island destinations. There are plenty of private boats that are available for charter should you want to go snorkeling, fishing or have a beach picnic on a small nearby island.

Feel free to call him if you have any questions 242-470-2400 or e mail him at info@kiplinrentals.com